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Flexible LED display

Module size 240mm*120mm
Brightness 800-1000cd/m2
Refresh rate ≥1920HZ
Protection class IP30
Product Introduction

Flexible LED Wall Displays.jpg

Lsmaster Product Features:

1.Extremely flexible:Could be made as any creative shapes for any installation site.

2.Super light&Slim:Only7kg/sqm,8mm thickness,save labor costs and shipping costs!

3.Quick install:Assembling by module directly,no steel cabinet design,front-maintenance ,both magnet and screw connecting available.

4.Stable:Using high quality raw materials only,showing the suprior visual effect.

Flexible LED Panel.png

Flexible LED Wall.png

Technical parameters of LED flexible screen

Pixel pitch(mm)        1.875mm
LED TypeSMD1515SMD1515SMD1515SMD2020SMD2020
Application Environmentindoorindoorindoorindoorindoor
Pixel density(pixel/㎡)28444425000016000011111162500
LED panel size    240mm*120mm240mm*120mm240mm*120mm240mm*120mm240mm*120mm
LED panel density128*64120*6096*4880*4060*30
Scan    1/321/301/241/201/15
Refresh rate(HZ)≥1920≥1920≥1920≥1920≥1920
Cabinet sizecustomizecustomizecustomizecustomizecustomize
Average power(w/㎡)≤240≤220≤230≤220≤230
Maximum power(w/㎡)≤660≤650≤640≤650≤620
Maintenance methodFrontFrontFrontFrontFront
Input voltage    AC100V-240VAC100V-240VAC100V-240VAC100V-240VAC100V-240V
Service life100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours

LED flexible screen case application

Flexible Video Display.jpg

Creative LED Display Screen.jpg

The flexible screen and the traditional LED display screen are the same in display principle, the only difference is that a flexible PCB

board and bottom case are used, which can be folded up to 120 degrees. Flexible screen display with colorful and strong three-dimensional sense, widely used in science and technology museums, museums, shopping malls, government halls, etc.

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